Areas of Expertise

A building or development company must learn to think of itself not as a producer of homes, but as one that identifies, seeks out, and serves the consumer.  Tracy Cross & Associates, Inc. provides a company this environment, this viewpoint, this attitude, this aspiration, and the means to accomplish this goal.  We recognize that marketing in real estate is not a separate business function, but is the whole business as seen from its final result—from the consumer’s point of view.  With this objective always in mind, our expertise can be applied in a number of ways.

Strategic Planning: Insights to a market, metropolitan area, or region.

Product Planning:Developing the right mix with the right product, with the right features, at the right price or rent.

Master-Planned, Golf Course, and Traditional Neighborhood Development:  What to plan, what to build, and how to price.

Urban and Infill Communities:  Grasping the complexity of this highly segmented lifestyle market.

Municipal, County, and Regional Applications:  Transferring to governmental bodies, an understanding of the residential market and how it applies to revitalization, gentrification, and other forms of housing or mixed-use development.

Commercial/Retail/Office/Industrial Opportunities:  Identifying the demand for commercial development and creating an environment for the right users and products.

Keeping Pace in the Rental Sector:Meeting the consumer head-on with the right product at economically viable rents.

Custom Home and Luxury Development:  Competing for the discretionary consumer.

Active Adult and Age-Targeted Opportunities:  Developing the discipline needed to successfully sell to this most fickle market.

Second Home and Resort Development:  Bringing the buyer to ocean, mountain, lake, and other recreational retreats.

Senior, Congregate, and Continuing-Care Communities:  Recognizing the depth of the complex elderly market.

Affordable and Subsidized Housing:Making a development work in your community.

Action Plans for the Suburban Environment:  Design, pricing, and absorption analyses for the single family, townhome, and condominium builder.

Specialized Analyses:  The art and science of market research applied to practically any homebuilding or marketing situation.