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What Sets Us Apart

We go beyond just collecting data and presenting page after page of statistics; we make those numbers talk and provide insight into consumer psyches and into the dynamics of the marketplace—insights that enable our clients to clearly define a precise position in the marketplace.

How many of these situations sound familiar?

You’ve acquired a promising parcel of land.

How do you determine the site’s best use? Which target market segment will maximize its development potential? What lot sizes, square footages, bedroom/bathroom/amenity packages, and price-points best fit that segment? What features will provide a competitive edge? What mix of models and option variations will generate the greatest volume of incremental sales? And what absorption rates can you expect if you take these steps?

The housing market in your geographic area has matured.

How can you uncover new, untapped opportunities that might not be widely recognized yet? What about new ideas and designs developed in other parts of the country that could be successfully adapted for your local market?

You are concerned that an economic slowdown—or even a recession—looms ahead.

How might a downturn affect the different segments of the residential real estate market and what steps should you take-e.g. adjustments in product lines, price points—that will best position you for that situation?

You are planning to address a new market segment or enter into a new geographic market.

How do you learn the details of that competitive environment? What are the dynamics at work in the new market and where is that market headed?